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  • How do I know if I am eligible for your Happy Mother's Bag?
    To be eligible for our Happy Mother's Bag, you and your spouse have to be : 1) either a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident. 2) Your baby should be below the age of 2, or you are minimally 13 weeks pregnant. 3) both applicant & spouse have to be 23 years old and above. 4) Resides in Singapore with a valid residential address.
  • How many weeks pregnant must I be to register for your Happy Mother's Bag?
    Minimum 13 weeks into pregnancy.
  • How many bags am I entitled if I am expecting twins / more ?
    Each couple is entitled to 1 Happy Mother's Box even if you are expecting twins / more.
  • How do I know Bump & Pop has received my sign up?
    You will receive an email notification on your sign up. However, Bump & Pop will only contact you via whatsapp a week prior to your selected slot if you are shortlisted with all requirements met.
  • Is there any Penalty if I were to reschedule my appointment more than 3 times?
    Yes. Bump and Pop has a 3 strike policy. If you postpone your appointment for more than 3 times, or reschedule your appointment less than 2 hours before, BNP reserves the rights to disqualifiy you from receiving our Happy Mother's Box. The same rule applies to our sponsors, this is to create a safe space for everyone.
  • Is there a penalty for no show after confirmation?
    In order to create a safe space for everyone (including our partners), no show will be banned from redemption.
  • Is it compulsory to sit through the complimentary baby planning sharing? How long will it take?
    As the bag is sponsored by the consultant, the session is compulsory and it takes 45-60mins.
  • How many times can I sign up for the bag?
    Each couple is eligible for one redemption only.
  • Are all the bags identical?
    Our Happy Mother's Bag is specially packed based on the different categories. Items may differ and also subjected to availability in stock. All other terms and conditions may apply.
  • How is the 45mins sharing session conducted?
    The 45mins sharing session will be a physical meeting. More details of the meeting will be shared during the confirmation stage.
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